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the conversation missing in your life

The TruthOrBare App is coming soon...

It's a classic

with a twist

In our version the questions & dares are written by the world's leading mental health professionals. Created by Dr. Deepak Penesetti MD, ToB is the perfect excuse to be yourself and forge deeper connections.
How to play
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It's a party starter

Play with two or more friends using the digital card decks on our app. Our first physical card deck is coming soon -- join our list to be the first to get it and be invited to ToB parties.
How to follow

ToB podcast

iHeartMedia presents the Truth or Bare podcast, hosted by Truth or Bare founder and psychiatrist Dr. Deepak Penesetti MD. Each week, you'll get to hear amazing guests share the parts of the story that are usually left out. It'll be like hearing someone else's therapy and also hearing what the therapist thinks! Join our list below to find out who will be playing and when.

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Be the first to know when ToB decks, parties, and episodes are being released.
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